100% Mobile Friendly

mobile friendly online shop

Your customers will be able to access and purchase from your store on all devices. Whether it's a phone, tablet or desktop computer, all our designs are 100% mobile responsive, ready and waiting for you to start selling.   

Customisable Themes

build customisable websites with many themes to choose from

Choose a theme that suits your business and cutomise the colours with the click of a button. Completely shape the look of your website to fit your business. All themes are 100% mobile responsive.

Easy-to-use Editing Software

easy customisable online software

With the click of a button you can add and modify all the text and other content on your website. Edit right there and then without having to navigate a maze of management pages & dialogs.

Unlimited Images

build a website with unlimited images

Upload unlimted images to create a gallery that will capture your customers. Images are scaled proportionally when viewing on a computer, tablet or phone.

Product Variations

Sell online with Product Variations

Products come in all shapes & sizes. Add sizes, colours and more for your customers to pick and choose their best fit all by using our simple system.

Unlimited Product Categories

Create Unlimited Product Categories

We dont want to limit you when it comes to your product organisation. Create as many categories and subcategories as you need.

Accept Credit Cards Via Paypal

Accept Payments With Credit Cards and Paypal

Your customers can pay directly into your PayPal account using a credit card, so you receive your payment quickly. Make purchasing easy instead of waiting for your money.

Guest & Customer Account Creation

Guest & Customer Account Creation

Your customers have the ability to purchase products as a guest customer for quick checkout, or create their own account to track previous purchases and place new orders.

New Features All The Time

New Features to Help Sell Online

We know the technology world is constantly changing and we want to provide the best service to you. We are constantly updating our software to make your life easier and add new functionality to the Friendly Shops system.

Discount Code System

Ecommerce Discount Code System

Create discount codes and promotions for your customers and track the results. Customers can redeem the code to get a discount when they purchase a product from your website. 

Search For Products

Search For Products throughout the website

There is no need for your customers to endlessly browse your website, hunting for a product that they are after. They can use the search to quickly find and view the product they are looking for.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Send emails directly from your site to market products, upcoming sales or events to generate traffic directly to your website. Upload products from your site and add text with ease to create an effective email. Track email results and watch your sales grow.

Social Media Optimised

Social Media Optimised Website

We are continually upgrading our system to ensure your site is ready to be shared and talked about on Facebook, Twitter & other social media platforms so that you can increase your sales by spreadng the word online.

Facebook Integration

Facebook Integration

Seamlessly integrate your products into your business Facebook account so that customers can search and view your products on Facebook. Customers can also click on your products and link through to your site.

Use Your Own Domain Name

Use Your Own Domain Name to sell online

Register your own domain name (e.g. mystore.nz) and make it easy for your customers to remember and access your website. The right domain can make all the difference when it comes to google and beating your competitors.  

No Installation Required

No Installation Required to build a shop

We have made it as easy as possible for you to set up your shop! It's as easy as filling in a simple form, clicking a button, uploading your products and away you go.

Plans Built for Your Shop

Plans Built for Your Shop

Our plans are built to suit you. Choose a plan that fits your business needs. From a starter plan to our unlimited plan which provides a number of handy additional features.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth

We don't limit you on disk storage or speed, we provide top quality NZ hosting, so your site is ready to load as fast as possible.

Email Addresses

Email Addresses

Set up a single or multiple email addresses that suit your business to receive enquiries, orders and invoices and help manage your business effectively.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

An optional SSL certificate provides an additional layer of security to your website ensuring transaction details and login details are kept as secure as possible.

Manage Orders With Ease

Manage online website orders with ease

View and manage orders from your manage area with ease. Receive order confirmations via email and ship your product to your customers.

Automatic Sitemaps

Automatic sitemaps while you build a website

Our software creates an automatic sitemap that Google can use to improve your rankings but also allows visitors to see a quick overview of your website which groups and arranges products, blog posts, categories and other web pages.

Search Engine Optimised

Search Engine Optimised

Built in search engine optimisation ensures your website performs on Google. Products and images automatically have SEO applied but can also be modified by you to make it even more effective.

Product Management

Online product management

Easily edit your products to adjust prices, stock and update your content. View and edit the page at the same time or perform a quick edit to multiple products in succession from your manage area.

Website Visits (Hits)

Website Visits (Hits)

Viewing how many people have visited your site has never been easier. When you login in to your website the first thing you are provided with is exactly that, providing you with daily viewing statistics.


Dashboard an overview of your online store

Get an overview of your orders, enquiries and Google analytics all in one screen to give you a snapshot of what is going on in your business.

Live Chat Support

Live Chat Support

Logged in or not our live chat service is 100% free & is ready and waiting. Simply click on the button and you will be connected to our helpful team.

FREE Expert advice at the end of the phone

FREE Expert advice at the end of the phone

We pride ourselves on providing free NZ wide support. Pick up the phone and give us a call, we are always happy to help with sales support or if you just need to have a chat. Call us FREE on 0508 3743 63. 

Help Section

Building a website help section

View our help section to get help with the most common functions of your website, talk to us on live chat or send us a support ticket for any queries you have.

No Technical Knowledge Required

Building a website requires no technical knowledge

There is no need to be an expert when it comes to using your website. Our intuitive design and layout makes it easy to find your way around and will have you using your website comfortably in no time.

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