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19th May 2015

Email Marketing

We have recently released our own email marketing system. Email marketing is an effective way to increase consumer engagement and drive traffic to your website.

How does it work?

We have built email marketing in such a way that you are able to upload products directly from your website into the email template with a few simple steps.

Select from a range of email templates that have been built with purpose, add content, products and simply click to send.

As soon as email marketing has been turned on new customers can select to opt in to receive newsletters when they create an account. A newsletter subscribe form will also be displayed on your website enabling customers to subscribe to your newsletter.

We have set up an attractive price structure from which you can either choose to pay per email campaign or save money by paying a monthly subscription.

The beauty of email marketing is that you can track results directly from your website. Send an email and track who opened your email, which links were clicked and monitor increased sales during your marketing campaign.

How does this benefit you?

Email marketing is designed to promote your products and keep customers up to date with what is going on. It aims to increase traffic back to your website as each product you upload is linked back directly to your website.

Overall, the aim is to increase revenue. Advertise featured or new products to let your customers know what you have in store and entice them to purchase products with well written content and attractive prices.

How we can help you.

We know the system inside and out and can help with set up or make recommendations as to what you should be putting in your email content. Call Bart on 07 929 6360 to add email marketing to your digital strategy.

email marketing
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